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Since it’s inception in 2005, the Durban International Blues Festival has grown into a fully fledged section 21 company, with it’s objectives being to provide a stage for the burgeoning Blues community in South Africa, make Durban the Blues capital of South Africa, and to raise money for selected charities whose work contributes to the welfare of society.

The aim has always been to make Durban the ‘Blues’ capital of South Africa and not only to create employment and opportunities for local and international acts, but to inspire civic pride and stimulate tourism development in the city. Cape Town and Johannesburg have clearly established themselves as the main Jazz Festivals of South Africa, Splashy Fen, White Mountain and Oppi Koppi celebrate Folk and Rock music. Classical music in the region is taken care of by the KZN Philharmonic.

‘We have found a new niche sector that has been largely ignored, and find now that it has a growing following throughout South Africa,’ says Tanya van Agthoven, a director for the Blues Festival. This event that is aimed at eventually becoming a flagship brand for Durban much like it is for its sister cities of Chicago and New Orleans!