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The Durban International Blues Festival, taking place on the well-known ZACKS DECK, Wilson’s Wharf in Durban, is a 3 evening program, where Fender will again sponsors the only FREE evening on Thursday 01st NOVEMBER . With an incredibly good deal on tickets for the other two evenings- available from Computicket (R150 per night or R160 at box office, limited entrance), this year’s event is one not to be missed if you love your blues

The Blues at a glance

The blues transverses a spectrum of emotions and musical styles and whilst it can express “feelin’ blue” it can also be a base to raucous dance music and a celebration of success and pleasure.

The 1860’s gave birth to this style – down in the Mississippi Delta, but has been embraced in many parts of the world and is an attractive musical genre embraced by many.

“However, the style is often confused with and referred to as ‘jazz’ – blues fans would cringe- but this is in fact why our dearly departed Festival Director Themi Venturas thought to create a Festival (in 2005) where firstly, the yearly efforts serve to make the Durban International Blues Festival synonymous with Durban – making it the Blues Capital of South Africa,” says Tanya van Agthoven Marais, one of the co-founding directors of the festival. “Then there is the all-important intention, to educate music lovers and to encourage their support of this easy listening style.”  With the steady growth of audiences – it would seem the Festival is achieving exactly this!

o THE BLUES GENRE was shaped by a number of musicians over time and perhaps explains why jazz and blues interact with each other in different ways where tempo is laid back and the melody and themes are often repeated.
o Like the 2017 program, the 2018 program is shorter than in the previous years as coordinators strive to find the perfect blend of quality and quantity which will also suit the festival goer’s pocket.
o Blues like its Jazz cousin, is suited to smaller and more intimate venues where the audience can interact personally with the performers on stage. The Zacks Deck, where it all began, will host the 2018 event again,a perfect choice as it remains intimate and accommodating on all levels
o secure parking around the precinct
o security staff on site
o access to a good and varied food menu and cash bar
o Whilst most audiences are adults, the event could accommodate families with younger children.