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Bobby and the Dynamites

“Blues is the Tonic for whatever ails you (BB King) is their motto”

BOBBY AND THE DYNAMITES –Durban’s “faithful to the blues’ band – are a tight unit made up of well-seasoned musicians and have been knocking the socks off it for the last 10 years. Favourites at Zacks with their monthly “Blues Train”(Covid slowed it down a bit), Bobby and the Dynamites are hot favourites on the blues scene and will be performing at this year’s Durban International Blues Festival which takes place 4- 6  December at the Rhumbelow Theatre in Durban.

With this extraordinary combination of some of Durban’s finest, the band comprises:

Ronnie McNamara – the quiet but powerful and steady presence of this man is “the king of blues bassman” they say!

Will Wallace –the “driver “at the (Blues Train) and the band’s lead guitarist, Will is also the Program Director for the Durban International Blues Festival.

Grant Halliday – a “Timekeeper “of note as he beats out the rhythm on drums

Pete Wilson – This man can blow a harp which would make angels weep and with his gravelly voice, fits the blues vibe perfectly!

Tiffany Shephard – this vocalist has “fire in her feet”. A powerful voice that will get you rocking with the best of them. If you want more dulcet tones- Tiffany can step up to the plate here too. Tiffany is signed with Unique Records.

Keith Fordyce – Keith is the newest member of the band but is by no means a novice!

A guitar whizzes and keyboard player to beat, Keith is well amongst the best of the best on the music circuit.