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Yamil Jacobo was born in 1967 in Villaguay, Entre Ríos, Argentina. At the age of seven, he started his academic training by attending piano lessons which some time afterwards he set aside so as to devote to the guitar instead. He was seduced by the blues-rock genre which eventually led him into forming various bands as a teenager. Later on, on a more professional basis, he formed the following music groups:

Sopanegra:  A trio formed by Yamil in 2004 including Rubén Gatti, at the battery, and Juan Mire on the bass. This group participated at Cosquín Rock in 2009. From that moment onwards, Sopanegra started to build a reputation while playing at different cities of Argentina and even sharing the stage with musicians such as Deacon Jones, an organ player with a strong track record including Santana, Freddie King, Eric Clapton, and the Rolling Stones, among others; Ricardo Tapia from La Mississippi; Luis Robinson from Pappo Blues. This group even signed a contract with Universal Records. Sopanegra left as part of its work WU WEI BLUES, a record that was produced on an independent basis.

El Malpaso:  Coming into existence in mid-2016, it was integrated by Maximiliano Cervetti on keyboards, Joa Muriel, bass, Luis Meinberg, battery, and Yamil Jacobo, guitar and voice.  Although its musical origins may be traced back to different roots, the common denominator linking its various stages can be found in Afro-American music which became known by 1800 as Blues.

Yamil Jacobo Trío shares a similar approach as that of its predecessor while gaining on versatility as invited musicians are incorporated as well as different instruments elaborated by Yamil through his brand Luthería Sustentable. Some of these sustainable creations include the 4 string Cigar Box, extensively used in Blues, and the 8 string chordophone built with squashes.

Yamil performed with his band in Durban at the Durban International Blues Festival in 2019