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Allan Lewitt has very kindly donated a R15000 hand made Bass Guitar to be auctioned at the festival.
Thgis stunning instrument has several unique features:

The guitar is made of solid tone woods and its pickup is hand would by Allan and are switchable between passive and active mode.
The guitar also has piezo electronic transducers in the bridge, allowing a more acoustic sound which can be blended with the electric pickup for tonal variation.
The photo is of a similar instrument.
Allen Lewitt, a long-time and avid fan of the music industry made his first guitar 27 years ago, which is where his love for handmade bass guitars began. Over the past few years, with a background in engineering and design, he has dedicated his time from turning this hobby into a career, now known as Lewitt Music Manufacturing. He has steadily progressed this craftsmanship resulting in a quality instrument that is both unique in design and superior in sound. This has been achieved by combining beautiful African woods as well as through close collaboration with leading South African musicians. By locally manufacturing guitars, Allen aspires to ultimately gain international exposure and to put this specialised South African music industry on the map.

The particular bass guitar that has been manufactured exclusively for the Durban International Blues Festival has been developed over a period of 3 years and belongs to the ‘Prog’ range.

Lewitt Music Manufacturing is currently based in New Germany, KwaZulu- Natal. If you would like to contact Allen you can email him on aabcc@telkomsa.net