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A er months in the studio in Spain and working in South Africa on finishing her debut solo album, Toni Rowland makes her mark on the international music scene.

With her album sales covering the globe from Brazil to Australia, South Africa to Norway (plus the US and
UK) her unique sound of almost ‘classic rock’/adult contemporary rock music is being heard by her growing fan base.

Toni’s music has also been playlisted on radio stations around the world, as well as doing many live interviews.

Toni Rowland has been in the music scene in South Africa for many years, performing with her band Mantis. At the beginning of 2007 she finally made the decision to go solo after not being able to settle on a band line up that suited herunique music style.

It was at this time that her management approached the legendary Ken Hensley who immediately agreed to produce and perform on her debut album. The album was recorded, produced and mastered at eSacramento Studios in Alicante, Spain with Ken hand picking the musicians to work on the album.

“It was an absolute honor to work with Ken, he really understood where I wanted to go and helped me € finally€ and the sound I was looking for” says Toni. The album is a mixture of songs styles, ranging from pop rock to classic rock, with some haunting lyrics and melodies such as on “9/11 Souls of All the People” and “3010”.

“Indeed, Toni’s music is damn € ne, the songs are all excellent and ‚ ow with passion” critiques Nicky Baldrian of Fireworks Magazine where Toni was featured in “Catz n Claws” and released the single oƒ the album “I’ll be here Waiting” to the Fireworks compilation CD.

The album title “Unfolding” is symbolic of Toni spreading her wings after leaving the relative secu-
rity of the bands “nest”. Toni has just released her new music videofor the song “I’ll Be Here Waiting”, which was € lmed in South Africa and Spain.

Toni has recently toured South Africa with Dilana of Rockstar Supernova fame to sell out audiences.

In September 2010 she was commissioned by the PinkDrive Breast Cancer foundation to write an anthem for the cause. Toni, herself a breast cancer survivor willingly obliged. Toni toured nationally with her band, including the SA legend Steve Fataar, promoting PinkDrive as well as making appearances on major TV and radio stations. A portion of the royalties from the online sales of the song will be given to PinkDrive.

A music video for the track “I Rise” was released in June this year featuring Breast Cancer survivors
Toni is currently working with Ken Hensley on material for her new album which should be released sometime in 2012 .