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The band is made up of 3 of South Africa’s most outstanding and well established Blues musicians.

Peter Hoven has been in the music business for 10 years now and has performed with some of SA’s greatest. His Debut Solo Album “No Apologies” was released in late 2010 and has brought him much deserved respect for his song writing/vocal and guitar skills. His first Single “Fire Still Burns” continues to rock the airwaves nationally as he builds on his ever growing fan base.  He is also co-producer and lead Vocalist/Guitarist in the very successful The Eric Clapton “Slowhand” Tribute Show

Gerald Cark has been playing the Blues for nearly 15 years now and has cemented himself Nationally as one of the Best Blues Performers in the Country. He has released numerous albums in the genre and was the founder and front Man of the still popular Delta Blue, before going solo. Clark is one the few blue musicians in South Africa to be guaranteed a spot at all Blues Festivals and he is kept very busy touring the country with his rough/dynamic act.

Henry Steel Jnr is arguably the best Lead Guitarist in the country and although he like many other musos in South Africa has not been given the limelight until now, he is sure to make his mark in America in 2012! At present Henry Steel Jnr is the Lead Guitarist for Karen Zoid and has the ability to adjust to any genre he is required to play. And yes Steel is the name he was born with!

This band offers a fresh, high energy, orgasmic ally entertaining act and these three monsters of Music have committed themselves to making “Tony & The Trailer Cats” a household name Internationally. They are just that good!