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13173396_1340393149309146_4307486614244252648_oRedhand Blues Band formed in 2001 when Martin Meerholz (Double Bass/Vox) and Des Latham (Guitar/Backing Vox) decided to further their interest in the genre.  Both had been performing together in various bands since 1995 and both love the blues.   Rob Luce (Drummer) joined in 2002 and since then have toured and played across the country (and beyond). Vaughan Tromp (Saxophone) began gigging with RedHand in 2005 – and eleven years later remains intrinsic to the tonal sound the band generates live.
They have three recordings “Just Missed by an Inch” (2006)  “Live at the Blues Room” (2007) and “Cruisin’ for a Bluesin’ (2014).

Their repertoire is speckled with Tom Waits like a dragon’s egg balanced precariously on the Hickory tree of the blues.  Inside the dark caverns of their double bass drive live stories of murder and intrigue.  Disasters, love and sex all make an appearance through the New Orleans/African blues sound.

It’s been a long strange journey and we continue playing for our fans around South Africa.   From sets on the side of a Namibian SandDune to playing in church,  we’ve kind of had one wild ride through the mystery of the Blues.

Don’t expect normal,  the four have formed a bond of tone and sound that comes only from 15 years of performing together.  In this fast-changing world its very very unusual to come across a band like Redhand Blues,  with its distinct sound of the Double Bass,  the rasping deep voice of Martin Meerholz,  the finger-style comping and backbeat from guitarist Des Latham,  the down home depth of Rob Luce’s innate percussive sensibility, and the pure blood rush from Vaughan Tromp’s Alto Sax with its quivering vibrato and yells of urgency.

Playing through artisanal hand-picked unique gems from the blues playbook,  Redhand tries and remain true to the original spirit of what made original blues music both deep and danceable.

Their sound includes African Blues with American Jazz and Swing, Bebop and R&B and create a sound that’s fresh and new, yet still reminiscent of the two-tone, shoe tapping 30′s.

Delivering seriously black Blues, and steaming through music heard originally on crackly turntables during the Great Depression, Redhand are energetic, up-tempo and upbeat. They’re known for their appearances at festivals, Gauteng’s top nightspots and events, and for their albums, Cruisin for a Bluesin, Live at the Blues Room and Just missed by an Inch, Redhand. Get a taste of what to expect