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Redhand has performed constantly since forming in 2002 and their dead-steady sound comes from consistency – retaining the core members of Martin Meerholz on double bass and vocals, Des Latham on guitars and backing vocals, and Rob Luce on drums and backing vocals since then. The combination of Africans and an American has doused the sound with a back-beat that steeped in tradition, yet sounds fresh and new.

The band is motivated by the folks who recorded and played blues and jazz particularly in the 30’s and ’40s, and use a combination of styles during their various sets played across Africa and in South Africa and are motivated by the idea that blues can be upbeat.

Over the past decade they have won a large and committed following based on word of mouth. They have used a variety of saxophonists in their gigs which encompass corporate functions, restaurant gigs, weddings, festivals, and recently launched a series of American super trucks in the middle of Swakopmundt dunes in Namibia. Their strength is performing live and after a decade of paying their dues, you’ll hear the hard miles blast through your neighbourhood.