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Scrumptious Food Options

September 5th, 2016

12509855_720242234778812_3068314498559737809_nThe Durban International Blues Festival will have scrumptious food options available for you to select from  over the three-day festival

Renegade Kitchen – (housed within THE PLANT where the festival performances take place nightly from 7.30 pm) will sell easy “ Cajun” styled fast foods done only the way Lucy Markewitz can do it

Falafel Fundi – the most delicious falafels ever

Roti and Chai – gives you more of the Indian selection

Don’t forget the establishments that form part of the Station Drive Precinct like  Con Amore, The Station , Distillery031 and S43 –where a great meal before or after the event would be a fabulous start to the evening

There is also a cash bar – where you pay R10 on entry for your mug and when you leave you can either take it home with you or be reimbursed as you leave

And for those who fancy coconut water –Mantra will have a stand on site too.

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