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Watching The Sir Walrus Band perform is sheer testimony to the fact that South Africa can, and does produce quality musicians. The Sir Walrus Band is a new groove-based, electric four-piece instrumental outfit and easily one of South Africa’s most exciting young bands in any style. Three of the band members are still only in the tertiary phase of their music education as full-time students at the School of Jazz at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, although the quality and sheer presence of their live shows would suggest otherwise. Musically, The Sir Walrus Band is known for writing catchy melodies that genuinely stick with the listener, before diving head-on into improvisation and musical exploration, as well as for superb, tight performances. The Sir Walrus Band sits comfortably in the swing, groove, funk and rock spectrums and writes interesting, complex and contrasting fusion pieces as well as re-arranges covers to the point of bare recognition.The Sir Walrus Band prides itself on having an unusual musical balance that has seen the band perform the same set in front of Rock, Blues, Jazz and even Heavy-Metal audiences and hasremained tasteful to them all. The Sir Walrus Band is beginning to pull the youth, entertain the festival-goers, crack the radio playlists and most importantly, raise the eyebrows of hardened experts and musicians the band members are constantly worshipping and learning from. The band’s influences extend broadly from The Dixie Dregs, Greg Howe and Jimi Hendrix through to Return To forever, John Coltrane and Weather Report.