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The band L.E.D are a team of individuals who specialize in Blues, Pop and Funk genres; to name but a few. Hailing from Durban, South Africa, these talented young musicians have come together to create something unique.

The band is made up of three members, which comprises of a lead vocalist/guitarist, a drummer and bassist. The band’s diversity allows them to connect with all crowds.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Eston Lloyd, has performed on tour with South African recording artists Lloyd Cele and Lenski Alfred. He has also performed with many gospel and secular artists. He has featured on The Voice South Africa as well as Idols SA. This talented singer/songwriter has also released a few singles of his own.

Llewelyn Chetty, the band’s bassist, is one of Durban’s leading session bass players, and has both national and international performance experience. He has worked with most of Durban’s forefront bands and artists, and has worked as a theatre musician for many years. Llewelyn gives basic and intermediary bass guitar and guitar lessons, to students within his community. He’s currently a music educator at Durban High School.

The band’s drummer, Dillan Kanny, has worked as a session drummer in Durban since 2005. He has worked on many theatre productions, corporate events and shows since then. He has been
involved with many local bands and this is due to his versatility.

Having begun their journey in small steps, the band now strive for leaps and bounds as they are currently working on some of their original material and are set to begin recording for their first

Having worked together for such a long time, the band has learned to play to their strengths. The clash of perseverance and passion, gives you, L.E.D.