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Marshall Amplifier Evening

August 16th, 2019

FREE CONCERT – The Marshall Amplifier Evening on Fri 20th September, 7 pm.

John Chamier has been involved with the coordination and hosting of the free evening at the Durban International Blues Festival for many years and is well known as part of the team.

This year he will host the first MARSHALL AMPLIFIER EVENING, which follows the sure recipe of the year’s gone by: a strong line up for Durban’s finest and most creative blues men and women will take to the stage for a full program of your favourite musical genre!

The evening commences at 7 pm and with a cash bar on site –selling SAB Brand beer as well as craft beers if your pocket will allow, wines, soft drinks (including bottled water from NOT MADE IN CHINA) and hard liquors AND a deliciously affordable menu from RENEGADE KITCHEN, this free entry evening is great for family and friends to gather- children appropriate but we do not suggest very young ones!



This brand of amplifier was made famous in 1962 so has stood the test of time.

Jimi Marshall, its creator developed the piece in the United Kingdom and is used and endorsed by some of the greats such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townsend to name a few …