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Every now and then a band comes along that doesn’t quite fit the mould of normal bands. The Zwarte Piet Band is one such band. The music is a mix of Blues, Rock and some Funky grooves thrown in for good measure. Screaming guitar work, very catchy hooks with solid groove bass and drums provide the backdrop of great music. The 4 musos making this unique blend of music are themselves an interesting mix of talents that have individually through the years built solid reputations within the Durban music scene. Importantly, the Zwarte Piet Band has some of the most relevant lyrics within the South African Music scene at the moment, and provides a very unique honest Afrikaans perspective of the life and times of South Africa. Extremely clever, intuitive, witty, cutting and downright fun is some of the adjectives that could be used to describe the Zwarte Piet Band. The Zwarte Piet Band is Zwarte Piet (aka Dr. Eugene Viljoen) on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Geelman Jan (aka Roly Struckmeyer) on Bass Guitar, Rooinek Koos (aka Rod Nichols) on Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vox and FX and Blou-bloed Boet (aka Grant Halliday) on Drums are set to create a brand new music scene that every honest South African can enjoy.

The Zwarte Piet Band has a message, the band has a style, the 4 musos have paid their dues and the band is ready to present their kaleidoscope of rainbow colours onto an un-suspecting audience that will be blown away by their uniquely different and honest music.

Although the band has only been together for 12 months we have already played some great festivals and gigs, having performed at Splashy Fen April 2012, Innibos June 2012 and have now been booked for the International Blues Festival in Durban in October 2012. We have recently completed our debut CD called “Ondestebo” which was launched at Innibos via Radio Laeveld who interviewed the band twice at the festival and who have play listed 3 of our songs.