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Rock Academy is a musical training experience for aspiring musicians developed and run by experienced performing musicians.

Sycamore Academy of Rock is the Durban-based Performance Music School that breaks the traditions of music education and has a strong inclination toward quick outcomes and uber fun!

Why the name? They’re situated at 18 Sycamore Road in Glenwood and they are all about Rock n Roll! Rock Academy has been around for four years and was started by a group of professional musicians and tech gurus. The objective was to design a musical journey that a musician would have preferred to have travelled if they just knew better from the start. Much along the lines of The Voice and Idol, Rock Academy gets you there quicker, with access to great training, proper gear and best of all, some of the hottest venues in town where fledgling musicians get to jam alongside the pros. The programme is designed for kids and adults and often is a family initiative, including moms, dads and kids.

Rock Academy offers courses in vocals, keyboard, drums, bass guitar, guitar and advanced guitar. All lessons are on Tuesdays with various time slots between 4pm and 7pm. Once they are up to speed, students get to jam together, ensuring that they learn the art of performing music rather than playing in their bedroom to MP3s. The programme has a strong leaning toward music theory – however, this is delivered in a fun way through playing songs so that students don’t lose interest. In-house group work is done in a band format once a month and quarterly gigs are held at various restaurants around town where friends and family get to support – this is proper entertainment, not just a school recital! They never let a student fall – until they are ready to jam in student bands, the newbies jam with their coaches.