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EC triple B (EC3B) is a local group that was formed early in 2011 with the objective of playing a “different genre “ of blues and rock music, the type that is not generally heard around, but music that would hopefully create a great vibe in the audience.

EC3B is a four piece outfit, consisting of music stalwarts, some better known than others.  Mike Thomas on vocals, Keith Fordyce guitar and vocals, Adi Wilson on drums, and Anton Els on bass.

The group performed at the 2011 and 2012 Durban International Blues Festival and is currently also working on some original material.

Mike Thomas:
Started singing at a very early age in the UK, winning a competition at the age of 6.Since then he has been singing in various groups in Zambia and SA. He also performed in a number of musicals, including JC Superstar and more recently took the lead in Masters of Rock.

Keith Fordyce:
Originally from the UK, started playing at boarding school at age 13.Lived in Zambia from 1966 and played for a number of bands there, including an 8 to 11 piece group with brass section, that eventually performed Joseph and his amazing Technicolor dream coat in 1976. In 1978 came to SA, and played with various groups whilst studying engineering in the Rand area. Played the professional circuit for 14 years, and the last 15 years doing part time gigs around Durban with Beverly Heath, as the duo LMB. There has always been a distinctive yearning to play solid Blues and Rock, and EC3B has provided that platform.

Adi Wilson:
From Durban, learnt to play piano and organ from an early age. Also took a keen interest in drumming. The opportunity to get together and be a part of a band dedicated to my preferred genres of music, – blues and its child – rock – (Muddy Waters said that the Blues had a baby, and they named it Rock and Roll) was presented to what has become EC3B at the beginning of 2011.

Anton Els:
A Durbanite, first appearance , early 60’s – The Little Top on the Durban beachfront, then played lead with Syd Kitchen in the soul group Parkinson’s Lore (‘66-‘68) , and Cage in the 70’s.